Saturday, 14 April 2012

Maths pt reflections

In the making of our poster, we followed quite closely to the elements of thinking. We made use of the data we collected during the maths activity during the elearning week.We realized that taxis can come in different times of the day with often outlying amounts. At times,the taxis at the taxi stand was more then 5 or 6,with barely a lot of passagers at the taxi stand.At other times,the taxi stand was crowded with people,but only a few taxis reaching the taxi stands.I concluded that the taxis were enough to cater to the demands of the people,just that they were deployed at very different times.Statistics that are not presented properly may tweak or mislead interpretation of situation. An example would be the dot diagram.If the graph does not state the totally amount of objects/people, others would not be able to tell if the amount of dots will be the unit of one or higher.